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Kansas Association of Airports Events

Up coming KAA Events 

When:   February 20, 2020;  7 PM to 9PM.

Where:  Abilene Civic Center (aka Old UPRR Depot.),  Corner of NW 2nd and N Buckeye Ave. (K-15).

What:  Annual Safety meeting sponsored by the Abilene Airport Board,  Abilene Aviation Association and Abilene Flying Service.

Who:  Troy Brockway,  KSU professor of aeronautics,  will present the program discussing aviation accidents and what we can learn from them.  It has been said that

          we will not live long enough to experience all of aviation, so we should study and learn from those that have gone before us.

For those that participate in the Wings Program, I have been assured by Jim Lamb, FAAST Manager, ICTFSDO that credit will be given for this training session.  We will    

          have a sign up sheet for that purpose.

There will also be snacks during the meeting.  Please let all that might be interested know of this meeting so that they may attend.

James Price,  Chair, 
Abilene Airport Board;  Treas. 
Abilene Aviation Association.

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