KAA Request for Proposals for Professional Association Management Services

10/09/2017 12:00:00

Request for Proposals for Professional Association Management Services


A.   Requirements

The Kansas Association of Airports (KAA) is seeking proposals from qualified individuals and firms for the provision of professional association management services to the KAA. The following Request for Proposals (RFP) describes the areas of expertise that are sought in support of KAA meetings, activities and administrative tasks.  The KAA seeks to establish a contract with an individual or firm that is experienced in providing professional association management services. The KAA Board will conduct an evaluation of submitted proposals and will award a contract to the individual or firm whose proposal is determined to be most advantageous to KAA considering the evaluation factors set forth in this RFP.


Term of Contract

The initial contract resulting from the RFP will be effective after approval by the KAA Board to start on an agreed upon date for a period not to exceed three (3) years, with annual renewal contingent upon contractual requirements being satisfied based on a mid-­‐year review and an end-­‐of-­‐year review by KAA officers. The KAA will determine when it will be appropriate to issue a new RFP for management services or to renew for a successive contract.


B.  Background Information

The mission of the KAA is to represent Kansas airports by providing a collaborative environment for networking, education, information sharing and research.  Our purpose is to provide a medium for the exchange of ideas, methods, information, and experience as they relate to airport management, promote and encourage the passage of legislation on all levels for the good of Kansas Airports and aviation.  We also strive to promote and try to encourage the public’s understanding of the value of aviation and the role an airport can and does play in the community.  The KAA cooperates with all governmental agencies and industry organizations having the betterment of aviation as their primary goal.


C.     Scope of Contracted Work

The following information, provided to prospective individuals and firms, describes the KAA’s expectations of the awarded contractor’s responsibilities, as they relate to providing professional association management services to the KAA. The selected contractor will report directly to the KAA President and its Board of Directors. The scope of contracted work includes, but is not limited, to:


Membership Support

  • Maintain current the membership database including addition of new members, renewals, removal of dropped members and job/point of contact/address/phone/email changes
  • Provide monthly reports of membership and other lists as requested by KAA leadership
  • Manage membership process including:
    • Mail annual membership invoice
    • Set up and manage an Eventbrite account to accept credit card payments
    • Email and mail Reminders for members of renewals and process membership payments
  • Advise and coordinate with KAA Membership Committee Chair Services and leadership on recruitment strategies


Website, Social Media and Publications Support

  • Maintain databases to ensure that email list and social media accounts are current and accurate
  • Become familiar with content management system, social media and other forms of communication utilized by KAA
  • Serve as webmaster and ensure that all content is accurate and posted in a timely fashion
  • Post KAA news and activities, and other news of interest to KAA membership on social media  
  • Maintain calendar of events and ensure that pricing details and registration deadlines are accurate
  • Post job announcements in a timely fashion, and activate and deactivate job listings upon request
  • Prepare and send out electronic correspondence (emails, announcements, etc.) at the direction of (or in the absence of) KAA leadership, editors of KAA publications, and Committee Chairs
  • Identify, negotiate and maintain current vendor/software contracts in coordination with Board to support communication and publishing activities
  • Maintain permission levels on the website, cloud servers or software with annual leadership changes


Administrative Support

  • Record nature and number of incoming requests (telephone calls, emails, mail, social media, etc.) and respond to those that are administrative in nature
  • Forward inquiries that require a decision to the appropriate officer, chair or the Board
  • Oversee administrative print and electronic files and records, and coordinate their transfer to the institutional archives or repository
  • Maintain passwords, log-in information and other important details for all accounts
  • Manage association equipment, supplies and software (banners, member nametags)
  • Submit and/or post event photos, calendar listings, press releases, etc. to news media
  • Assist the Board with conducting surveys and assessments, analyzing data and producing reports, as deemed necessary


D.   Response Format & Proposal Instructions

Responses must include the following information that will serve as the basis for rating demonstrated qualifications of the individual/firm in this RFP. In the review process, the KAA will evaluate proposals on the basis of the following information that must be submitted in each response:


1.  Executive Summary

  • Condense and highlight the contents of the proposal. The summary should provide the KAA Board with an overall understanding of the proposal and the individual/firm’s approach.

 2. Evidence of the individual/firm’s ability to provide association management services, including company background and history.

 3.  Individuals/firms must address the following requests:

  • Identify how you will manage, service and support the KAA.
  • Describe your individual/firm’s experience with similar clients/associations, including approximate budget level.
  • Present a detailed process for your services and how those components will benefit the KAA.

 4. An outline of the individual/firm’s credentials and the professional experience of individual staff members intended to provide services as a result of an awarded contract — positions held, past clients, etc. Individuals/firms should include resumes or other descriptions of relevant past experience and qualifications of key individuals who will work with the KAA. While the KAA does not limit the individual/firm’s ability to assign or reassign personnel during the period of contract performance, the past experience, qualifications, and education of the key individuals are expected to represent a contractual commitment by the individual/firm to retain comparably skilled and qualified individuals during the contract.

 5. Individuals/firms must list at least three (3) references for similar work completed in the association management market that includes the following information:

  • Company name, Address and Phone number
  • Contact name, title and e-mail
  • Website address (If applicable)


The KAA may contact the individuals listed to validate the nature of the individual/firm’s experience, as well as other individuals who may be identified as having relevant information during the course of those discussions. The KAA reserves the right to consider references by those individuals concerning the scope of activities/services, timeliness of performance, association management capabilities, or other information relevant to determining the quality of the individual/firm’s past experience and demonstrated capabilities.


6.  Fee Structure

  • Detail the fees associated with providing the detailed Scope of Work and any additional costs associated with fulfilling this RFP.


7. Individuals/firms may also provide any additional information that may be germane to the proposal and the evaluation of the individual/firm’s experience.


Submission and General Instructions

Individuals and firms responding to this announcement shall submit their proposal by email to KAA President, Jesse R. Romo by November 1, 2017. Email to: kansasairports@gmail.com. Late proposals will not be accepted.


Important Dates


1. RFP Notice – Open for Submission

October 4 ,2017

2. Proposal Submission Deadline

November 1, 2017

3. KAA Board Review, and Oral Presentations and Interviews (beginning week of)

November 13, 2017

4. Approval by KAA Board of Directors and Contract with Selected Proposal

November 20, 2017


All proposals should be submitted as a Word document or as a PDF. Submitted proposals should not exceed 10 printed pages in length in their entirety, inclusive of appendices and other reference material, but not including individual resumes. Please note that any additional information, other than the 10-­‐page submission and resumes, will not be reviewed. Font size for basic narrative descriptions must be no smaller than 10-­‐point Arial or 12-­‐point Times New Roman. The subject line should read: Kansas Association of Airports Proposal for Professional Association Management Services.


E.   Evaluation and Selection Process

The KAA Board will evaluate the merits of proposals received in accordance with the evaluation factors stated in this RFP and will identify the proposal that is most advantageous to the KAA. Numeric evaluations will be used to identify strengths and weaknesses of proposals and to establish a ranking based on the following criteria:


  • Demonstrated experience in association management
  • Demonstrated capacity to assist in administrative tasks
  • Ability to provide support for association activities
  • Ability to provide sufficient personnel to meet association needs
  • Ability to assist with financial reporting and documentation
  • Pricing
  • Individual/firm’s experience, qualifications, and key personnel, and the extent to which the qualifications, experience, and past performance are likely to foster successful, on-­‐time performance


Proposals that are incomplete in terms of the requirements of this RFP will not be considered. Individuals/firms should not assume that they will have an opportunity for oral presentations, so they should submit their most favorable proposals as their initial proposal. The oral presentation and interview may be held for purposes of clarification of proposal content and to ensure the full understanding of and responsiveness to RFP requirements. Individuals/firms will not be provided an opportunity for proposal revisions.


All individuals/firms must meet the minimum requirements established by this RFP to be eligible for award. The KAA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or parts thereof. Proposals resulting from this solicitation shall be available for use by the KAA.

Downloadable RFP here